There are a multitude of valuable aspects of having an aerial yoga practice.

Why aerial yoga?




Flexibility (The hammock allows opportunity to stretch deeper with less strain)


Spinal Traction

Decompression of the Spine


Alignment (The hammock provides assistance into correct alignment)

Kinesthetic Awareness


Mental/Emotional Health:

Stress Reduction

Increased Breath Capacity

Stimulates the Nervous System and Relaxes the Nervous System

Releasing of the ego and anticipation

One important aspect of aerial yoga is how much it can complement and improve your yoga practice on the mat. With the use of the hammock you are able to reach new depths within your body and your practice. The hammock can help support your body for balance, inversions, and proper body alignment, which will then directly translate to a mat practice.

Our hope by creating this training program is to compliment a mat practice, and bring a deeper understanding to the benefits and potential an aerial yoga practice can offer. It is so much more than just hanging upside down, or stringing poses from one to another. There is a purpose for each posture, and a meaning behind each one.