Soulaira Yoga is a teacher training program based in Portland, Oregon founded by Jessica Baker and Jen Livengood. With an emphasis on traditional yoga poses and alignment and a devotion to proper aerial training, their combined background in both areas of expertise offers a practice that holds true to yoga, promotes both physical and mental well-being and gives way to a unique way of fitness.

Soulaira Yoga is an aerial yoga teacher training program created and instructed by Jessica Baker and Jen Livengood. This multifaceted program includes 5 modules of hands on
trainings. The detailed modules provide students with a layered understanding of aerial yoga, and the many options and sense of accomplishments it can supply its students. The ultimate goal of their curriculum is to
become one of the very first accredited aerial yoga
trainings through the Yoga Alliance. 

Soulaira Yoga is a balanced approach to aerial yoga and traditional, mat based yoga, combining the expertise of its creators. The training incorporates a solid yoga foundation into the manuals, terminology and training approach to offer more credibility in the yoga world and give accurate and appropriate tools to our teachers in training. 

Soulaira teacher trainings are divided into 5 modules of study and will ultimately fulfill a 200 hour teacher training requirement in the future)including areas of  self study, mentoring and distance learning. The first module is Aerial Yoga Flow and serves as a basis for preparing the new instructor for teaching a basic aerial yoga class. 

We know there are many programs to choose from and we believe Soulaira offers a concrete body of knowledge that will create intelligent, confident and qualified teachers. We offer a strong basis of training in the areas of both aerial training and yoga curriculum.


Jessica Baker, Founder

Jen Livengood, Founder

Olivia Shaw, Guest Instructor